Gaia Horsemanship



Welsh Section D mare, born 2002.


Unbridled Pride - She is my angel, my light on a dark day.


I first met Pride when I moved Gaia to a new yard. She belonged to the yard owner there, who had recently brought her from the sales, along with her 6 week old foal (Misty). I would often go over to their field to see them, and I watched her foal grow up. It was Pride’s kind and gentle nature that drew me to her, the softness in her eyes and the warmth that shone out from her. I distinctly remember giving her attention one day and, with my arms around her neck, saying “I want this mare”.


At this time, I was working and riding a lot for the yard owner there. When her foal weaned, I was asked if I could bring Pride back into work. I remember beaming, I was overwhelmed with excitement and was so pleased I’d get to work with her. She had been a broodmare most her life, having had two foals, so I pretty much started from scratch with her. I enjoyed getting to know her better, establishing a relationship, and she was coming on really well. The yard owner then told me he wanted to loan her out, or sell her. It felt like someone had stabbed me through the heart and I felt physically sick at the thought of her going away to someone else. So, I did the only thing I could… asked to have her myself! The yard owner was elated and was so happy that she’d be going to someone who would do right by her.


Since then, we have never looked back. She has progressed to new levels and she has helped me to progress further with my horsemanship. I call her my angel, and she has made my life a joy over the years. We see riding as partnership and we just “click” on all levels. She is very talkative and often wickers to me, it is the sweetest noise. We both love jumping and we jump without tack… she often makes me laugh when she decides to take me over a jump I wasn’t planning to do. Giving her that freedom of choice has made our relationship stronger, she has a say in what we do - just as a true partnership should be.


Pride and I have done bridleless demonstrations in front of people, and also at a local riding school, and she has never let me down.

Words cannot describe how I feel about this mare. I am certain we were meant to be together.