Gaia Horsemanship



Cob mare, born 2009


Confident, independent and intelligent.


I first met Misty when she was just a couple of months old. Misty is Pride’s foal and had been bought from the sales, along with Pride, by my old yard owner. I watched young Misty grow up, from fluffy light coloured foal into a jet black magnificent young horse. Pride and Misty weaned naturally and easily, and Misty went to live at another field owned by the yard owner. When she 3 years old I was asked to start working with her, so we started some simple groundwork and relationship building, with the idea of me being the one to back her for her owner.


I moved away from the yard in 2012, along with Pride who had ended up as my own.  A few weeks later, I received a phone call from Misty’s owner. I remember it distinctly, I was mucking out the field in the rain when he called, and the purpose of his call was to ask if I wanted to have Misty, as a gift. I accepted the kind offer and a few weeks later the beautiful young black horse arrived at my field. Pride recognised her instantly and came over whinnying, they greeted each other and Misty very quickly integrated into the herd.


Misty is quite the character and has been labelled as “the equine bulldozer”. She has little regard for my fencing and has a “Misty wants, Misty gets” attitude. The grass is always greener on the other side. She often demolishes my electric fencing and has, on occasion, gone through my post and rail. She is extremely confident and independent, meaning she is happy to break out and leave the other horses.


Despite her antics with fencing, she has an endearing character. She is wonderful with people and has a special magic in making people feel better about themselves. I believe she would make a fantastic therapy horse for adults with depression or PTSD.


I have been taking Misty’s education slowly, which has suited us both. She is very intelligent and therefore always remembers what she has learnt. When I first backed her, it was without tack; no head gear and no saddle. She took to having me on her back extremely well and she started her ridden education in this way. It was always my plan to first ride her without any tack. I had taken it on as a personal challenge and I am glad I achieved my goal here. I introduced tack to Misty later on and she still has a lot to learn. I have been training her over a couple of years and she has only recently had her first ridden canter, but we are in no rush. We are dipping in and out of her training but this suits us both well.


She is a strong, loveable character who always greets me with affection. Through her destruction, she has taught me the true meaning of patience and unconditional love..!