Gaia Horsemanship

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Compassionate, ethical horse training based on positive reinforcement, body language and treating the horse as the individual that they are. Working bitless, with no use of gadgets or forceful, fear based methods the horse is allowed to develop to their potential in a kind, considerate manner.


With a quiet and calm nature, Ellen works with the horse in a considerate manner, without the use of force, gadgets or punishment. Ellen's way of working is based on an understanding of the horse as an individual, and focuses on body language and communuication. She works bitless and often bridleless, believing that "less is more".


Ellen is available to have horses in for training for handling, backing, schooling etc; for those who want peace of mind when sending their horse away. She is also available for lessons in both groundwork and bitless riding, with the aim of improving the relationship and communication between horse and owner.


Ellen has her own approach and way of doing things, learnt from each horse she has met along the way. She believes that we can never stop learning when it comes to horses. The term "Gaia horsemanship" has evolved from Ellen's mare, Gaia, who has been her insirpiation and her teacher (video below is of Gaia).

"If you want a soft and responsive horse, you must be a soft and responsive human."



"You don't need control when you have communication."

Ellen Cochrane

"An inspiration"

"Ellen is very kind and patient with both humans and horses. A great teacher and amazing horsewoman."