Gaia Horsemanship

About me

I have been around horses most of my life. I started the usual, traditional, way at riding schools. There, I would spend my weekends helping out and was often designated to ride the "naughty" ponies.


I began to grow weary of the traditional methods of bits, whips and spurs and force, and seeked a different way and a better relationship with horse.


I made a break away from it all and took on my own horse, Gaia, a French Trotter mare who had a bad start in life. She showed me a different way and what it is like to feel a true connection with a horse. She has been my insipiration and my tutor.


Over the years of working with my own horses and others I have worked on developing my horsemanship further. I have spent a lot of time training different horses, and learning from each and every one I met along the way. I use a calm, no force approach to training, handling, backing and riding. I believe that a horse should be allowed to learn at their own pace and that rushing a horse only causes problems futher along the journey. I base my ideas on body language, communication and a relationship with the horse.


I aim to help those who need help, whether they be horse or human, and to build relationships between horse and owner.


I am a Bitless Bridle Instructor with the Dr Cooks Bitless Bridle.


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Myself, with Misty and Pride.

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